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Jewish Farmer Network is thrilled to offer educational scholarships for farming conferences, up to $180 per person!

Let us know what conference you want to go to and why!

Scholarship Application

What conference do you want to attend?

Describe your experience in agriculture.

Describe your relationship to Judaism.

Why do you want to attend this conference? How will this benefit you? How will your attendance benefit others?

When are you available for a video interview?

Scholarship recipients will be given a complimentary organic cotton Jewish Farmer Network t-shirt and stickers. Should you receive a scholarship, are you willing to wear the shirt at the conference, distribute stickers to interested parties, and represent Jewish Farmer Network as a member? Are you willing to submit a 3-5 sentence reflection after the conference?

Thank you for applying for a Jewish Farmer Network Scholarship! We will be in touch shortly.


In the meantime, check out Opportunities with Jewish Farmers!



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