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Jewish Farmer Network cultivates the social, cultural and spiritual well-being of Jewish farmers.


We are building a world in which Jewish farmers are not regarded as an oxymoron or a curiosity, but rather, as valued community members with a unique connection to Judaism's ancient technologies for building a more just and regenerative food system for all. We envision a world in which all Jewish individuals and communities have access to farms and gardens that connect them to both the agricultural roots of Judaism and the timeless food justice principles contained therein. We envision a world in which any Jewish individual with the desire to both live a land-based life and be a part of Jewish community life has the technical, economic, social, and cultural resources to do so. We envision a world of social and ecological justice, where life in all forms is honored. We envision a world in which Jewish Farmers are a collaborative force for the collective liberation of all land and all peoples.

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