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Jewish Farmer Network mobilizes Jewish agricultural wisdom to build a more just and regenerative food system for all.


We connect Jewish farmers to each other and to the surprisingly relevant technologies, rhythms, and ethics of Jewish agriculture.


We believe that a vibrant future for people, plants, and planet 

will be shaped by farmers, gardeners, and growers of all kinds.

We are the AND that connects your story to the story of the Jewish people. 


Dig in with us.

Meet our Jewish farmers

Follow us to meet the faces and hear the stories of Jewish Farmers from around the world!

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Are you a Jewish Farmer? We'd love to feature you and share your story!

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Apple Harvest
we are you

We are a grassroots organization

connecting 2000+ Jewish farmers and growers around the world. 


We are Jewish farmers

looking to grow food as ourselves, as people from an agricultural tradition that reaches back thousands of years.


We are learning how to 

grow healthier tomatoes, cultivate richer soil, steward resilient herds, and celebrate the harvest in our own ancient language.


We are connecting with peers and mentors

to steward and build together, to visit each others' land, and to share the abundance of our efforts.

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