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The Jewish Farmer Network's new zine, Shovels and Shofars: A Jewish Farm Worker's Guide to Self Advocacy, is available for pre-orders! Just in time for the High Holidays, this 24 page guide is meant to support you in getting time off for Jewish holidays and honoring your Jewish practices on the farm. Buy one for yourself and your farm friends!


Digital downloads drop next week

Physical booklets begin shipping on August 22nd 


This guide includes: 

  • An overview of Jewish Sacred Time and Cycles
  • Testimonies about supportive and unsupportive work environments 
  • A glossary of terms & explanations of Jewish practices for you and your employer
  • An introduction to Christian Hegemony and why it harms us all
  • Two pocket sized calendars with all the Jewish Holidays for the 2022 & 2023 Farm Seasons
  • Scripts for how to talk to your “new to jews” employer about time off for Jewish holidays


Coupon codes (this is the only way we can do sliding scale):

  • For 25% off use code SHOFAR25
  • For 50% off use code SHOFAR50
  • For 75% off use code SHOFAR 75


Digital downloads will be available for free

Shovels and Shofars Zine

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