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A 7 week online educational journey through ancient, visionary Jewish agricultural wisdom – culminating with in-person regional gatherings in Western Massachusetts, Western North Carolina, and Northern California! 


Join us this fall for our new offering! The Torah of Farming is an introduction to the foundational texts of Jewish agricultural wisdom, developed specifically by and for Jewish Farmers. The goal of this class is to connect Jewish farmers with 

  1. the ancient, visionary agricultural wisdom and practices of the Jewish tradition

  2. each other! 



This course is for you if you…

  • are Jewish AND a current, lapsed, or aspiring farmer 

  • are within driving distance of Northampton, MA; Fairview, NC; or the Bay Area

  • want to learn about Jewish agricultural texts, ethics, and wisdom

  • want to connect and build community with other Jewish farmers near you!

  • have been yearning for someone to lay down the basics of Jewish farming for you!


The details:

  • Sundays, October 23rd - December 4th

  • 7:30-9:30 PM EST // 4:30-6:30 PM PST

  • Sliding scale $36 - $108 with scholarships available

  • 12 farmers per cohort 

What topics will be covered?

  • Jewish agricultural calendar, shabbat, and shmita

  • Jewish approaches to animal, soil and tree stewardship

  • Jewish food justice principles

Week 1: Getting to know you/weaving our stories as modern Jewish farmers into the story of the Jewish people - Shani Mink/SJ Seldin

Week 2: Jewish Agricultural Calendar with Anika Rice
Week 3: Shmitah/Shabbat as radical rest for farmers and their land - Sara Just-Michael (GrowTorah)
Week 4: Jewish Food Justice - Nili Simhai and Rebecca Leung (Abundance Farm)
Week 5: Jewish Soil Stewardship - Shamu Sadeh, (Adamah/Hazon)
Week 6: Jewish Livestock Ethics - Jonathan Bernhard (JIFA)
Week 7: Torah of Place - connecting to your local community/well of wisdom w/a curated text study from Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb about being guests on native land

The Torah of Farming- Insta (Banner (Landscape)) (4).png
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Do I need to be local to one of the 3 named sites in order to participate? Yes. The goal of this program is to connect Jewish farmers regionally to one another. If you’re local enough to drive to one of the culminating gatherings – at Abundance Farm in Northampton, MA; Yesod Farm+Kitchen in Fairview, NC; or the Bay Area – you’re local enough to participate. We are very much hoping to expand this regional cohort model to more locations in the future! 

Do I have to attend the in-person gathering? We strongly encourage all participants to sign up with the intention of attending the in-person culminating gathering. 

Am I Jewish “enough” to participate? Yes!!! Jewish Farmer Network formed from the need and desire for a Jewish community that centers and uplifts Jewish agrarians, from every point of the kaleidoscope of Jewish (and agricultural!) identity, background, and experience. We are not gatekeepers or arbiters of who is Jewish. If you hold Jewish heritage or identity, you are welcome. If you come from a multi-tradition household/family, you are welcome. If you are a Jew-by-choice, you are welcome. If you have never stepped into a Jewish space before, you are especially welcome. Come as you are, as you are. We are thrilled to meet you, to learn from you, and to craft ever-more accessible spaces for learning and connection.

Do I need to be a farmer to apply? No! Farmers and agriculturalists of all kinds, at any stage of your journey (current, future, lapsed, retired, questioning) are welcome to apply! We welcome gardeners, seed keepers, shepherds, land stewards, landscapers, vintners, brewers, compost people, foragers, arborists, fermenters, herbalists, natural crafts makers, hydroponics people, aquaponics practitioners and other food system folks. If you are or are seeking to be in relationship with land and/or the abundance of the earth, we know there’s something for you here. Even if you’re just curious, you are welcome to apply. Please note that due to a limited number of spots, we will be prioritizing applicants who are active farmers.

This project is made possible by:
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