BIJOCM Farmer Gathering

Join us for our first BIJOCM [Black Jews, Indigenous Jews, Jews of Color, and Mizrahi Jews] Farmer gathering! This is a space specifically for Jewish farmers impacted by racism, colonialism, and ashkenormativity to talk, vision, and build together. Rebecca Leung, a farmer and educator at Abundance Farm and beloved member of the JFN community, will facilitate this first meeting space. Together we will share in stories and in ritual as we celebrate the eighth night of Hanukkah as well as Rosh Chodesh, the new Hebrew month of Tevet!


**Bring your menorah and candles to light together if you'd like! 


Who is this space for?

First and foremost, this space is designed, stewarded by, and for anyone who identifies as Black, Indigenous, a person of color, or Mizrachi AND Jewish, however that may look! It is for those who are farmers, land-workers, farm adjacent-- regardless of whether you are actively farming. 


More Information: 

This space is currently in emergence. If you are interested in co-creating BIJOCM affinity group programming and projects together please fill out this form or reach out to JFN's Network Coordinator at


Puerto Rican Jewish poet and land steward Aurora Levins Morales has generously offered to be in an occasional support/ "sounding board" role for Black Jews, Indigenous Jews, Jews of Color, and Mizrahi farmers who want to take leadership in organizing this space. Rebecca Leung, a farmer and educator at Abundance Farm and member of the JFN community, has kindly agreed to facilitate the first meeting.


Jewish Farmer Network (JFN) is here to support with the use of our paid Zoom room, administrative and logistical assistance, and financial stipends for organizers and contributors.


Please pass this event along to anyone else you know who might be interested!


We are so deeply grateful for your presence and participation in our community of Jewish farmers. 

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