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In collaboration with Sol Weiss, Jewish Farmer Network is excited to present To Till and To Tend: A 5784 Jewish Agricultural Calendar. Thirteen watercolor and digital collage illustrations of agriculturally significant Jewish texts are paired with descriptions of each Hebrew month, orienting us to the significant rhythms of Jewish agricultural time. Connecting to Jewish cycles of time can often feel hard due to the inter-woven histories of displacement, assimilation, and living in a Christian hegemonic society. We offer this calendar as a Tikkun – a healing – to begin to repair our relationship with these ancient rhythms.


The agricultural foundation of the Jewish calendar reminds us how essential farmers and growers are to the story of the Jewish people. For thousands of years, our ancestors handed down land-based stories, as both practical instruction and allegory, so that we might be nourished by their wisdom. May this calendar serve as a prayer for continuity and connection for current and future generations of Jewish farmers. 


You can also order an "imperfect" calendar for $27

ToTill + To Tend: A 5784 Jewish Agricultural Calendar

$36.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
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