Qishuim Tasting Party!

By Masha Vernik, Seed Project Coordinator

September 2021 | Tishrei 5782

As the summer heat gave way to the high holidays, we gathered online to taste our (maybe) qishuim together.

Our six growers planted seeds that came from different sources, ranging from Italy to Arizona, all of which we believe could be descendants of the qishuim (aka ‘chate’ group of cucamelons) mentioned in the Torah. After we took our first collective bite, we reflected on and compared our fruits, plants, and growing experiences.

We agreed on a general description of the taste - “like a cucumber, but with the memory of a melon” (in the wise words of grower Matt Vogel). But we found that the fruits varied in shape, size, and color. Some fruits were oblong and others spherical. Some were darker, others lighter green. Some plants produced abundant fruit, while others were overcome with fungus and produced few.

Check out the pictures from our growers to see how our various seeds bloomed!


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