Disabled Jewish Farmers

Blessings for Disabled Jewish Farmers_Or

Calling all Disabled Jewish Farmers! We'd love for you to join our community of disabled (or crip, Deaf***, mad, mentally ill, neurodivergent, chronic pain, chronically ill, etc) folks to gush and kvell** at our magic while sharing what it’s like to be a farmer (or to *want* to be a farmer) as disabled people—the woes, frustrations, victories, and connections we have with the land. We gather monthly with rotating facilitators and would love for you to join our next call.


***ASL interpretation is not currently provided, but we welcome signers to join with VRS interpreters. If ASL interpretation would enable you to participate, email us ASAP at liel@jewishfarmernetwork.org so we can arrange for interpretation. These meetings have automated closed captions. We are committed to finding ways to meet each other's access needs.

**kvell is a Yiddish word for feeling or expressing pride and/or delight

Art by Orly Rubinfeld, inspired by blessings offered to each other during the Disabled Jewish Farmer Space on January 31, 2021 at Cultivating Culture: a (virtual) Gathering of Jewish Farmers.

Please email liel@jewishfarmernetwork.org with any questions, access needs, or to talk about facilitating a future call. Anyone can facilitate, and that includes you!

Upcoming Calls