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Community Calls


Have you ever felt like the only Jewish farmer? Join us for a community call to remember that you are a part of a community of Jewish farmers! Look forward to guest speakers from our community, Jewish agricultural wisdom sharing, break out rooms with Jewish Farmers from across the world, and exclusive updates from the JFN team!

We began this free offering after the explosion of friendships formed at our first conference and to provide a space for continued virtual connection during COVID-19. In these strange times, it's vital and joyous to check-in with each other, get silly together, and offer some loving community support. Together we mark the movement of Jewish time, celebrate the changing seasons and learn from our inspirational community members. All are welcome!

Past speakers include: 

  • Nate Looney , U.S. Army Veteran, Urban Farmer and the JOC Recruiter at Avodah to help guide our thinking in the wake of the death of George Floyd 

  • K Green, the founder of the first seed library in the United States which grew into the Hudson Valley Seed Co., and the founder/director of Seedshed, a non-profit organization focused on seed justice.

  • Herbalist Chelsea Taxman

“The monthly newsletter and Kehillaha (community) calls of the Jewish Farmer Network have provided opportunities to continue to learn about Jewish traditions, consider how they apply practically to present issues of food ethics and social justice, and connect with “my people.” They have also directed me to resources for connecting with and finding a place in the larger Jewish community”



This monthly offering is free! 

If you are able, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our work HERE

Shavuot Community Gathering!
Shavuot Community Gathering!
Jun 02, 2022, 7:30 PM
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