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Jewish Farmer Network's annual Cultivating Culture Conference is back! Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to hold our 2022 conference virtually. We are excited to be able to welcome hundreds of Jewish farmers from around the world to join us from the comfort of their living rooms. ​

Registration opens December 6th!


In order to reduce zoom fatigue, we’ll be once again gathering over the course of

two consecutive Sundays: January 30th & February 6th.

This year we’ll be offering some additional “bridge programming” throughout the week in between.

Full conference schedule to be announced. 

Click here to check out last year's conference

Whether you’re a farmer, farm educator, homesteader, parent of a farmer, home gardener, academic, butcher, miller, seed keeper or other food system professional, this conference is for you. And if you’re just curious & inspired, this conference is STILL for you! 


Your registration will cover both days of the conference. 

Show up to what works for you! 

This year we’re cultivating:

  • A community of question askers, ready to wrestle with our ancestral wisdom and diverse histories

  • A common language for understanding the Jewish agricultural ethic & vision

  • A Jewish future in which Jewish farmers are not regarded as an oxymoron or a curiosity, but rather, as valued community members with a unique connection to Judaism's agrarian roots and the timeless food justice principles contained therein


Songful/embodied community morning practice

Diverse voices from our community sharing about all things Jewish agriculture

Curated “lunch dates” based on identity, interest & geography

Engaging and interactive keynote speakers

Small breakout rooms for reflection & connection

Bonus content during the week to deepen into the community


Sliding Scale Tickets

You are welcome to attend both days of Cultivating Culture for as little as $36! The full true cost of the conference that would enable us to pay our teachers and staff fairly is $180/person. We are a small and young nonprofit. Please give as generously as you are able, so that we can continue to offer these programs to everyone, regardless of finances. Thank you for supporting the education of our whole community! Registration opens December 6th!


If the cost of registration is still prohibitive, please email Jamie Maxner at

We are committed to making this offering financially accessible to EVERYONE. 

Am I Jewish “enough” to attend?

Yes!!! Jewish Farmer Network formed from the need and desire for a Jewish community that centers and uplifts Jewish agrarians, from every point of the kaleidoscope of Jewish (and agricultural!) identity, background, and experience. We are not gatekeepers or arbiters of who is Jewish. If you hold Jewish heritage or identity, you are welcome. If you come from a multi-tradition household/family, you are welcome. If you are a Jew-by-choice, you are welcome. If you have never stepped into a Jewish space before, you are especially welcome. Come as you are, as you are. We are thrilled to meet you, to learn from you, and to craft ever-more accessible spaces for learning and connection.


Do I need to be Jewish to attend? 

No! Jewish Farmer Network holds spaces and programming that center Jewish agrarian wisdom, community and individuals – because that is who we are, and we are tending to our roots. If you do not hold Jewish heritage or identity but have a sincere and peaceful interest in the places where Judaism and agriculture meet, you are welcome. We encourage non-Jewish allies to honor that this is a Jewish-centered space by listening. If you feel the need to contribute, ask yourself first: what am I trying to accomplish? Am I centering myself in this conversation? Evangelizing, hate speech, and/or abuse of any kind by any participant will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove participants from the conference without refund. 


Do I need to be a farmer to attend?

No! Farmers and agriculturalists of all kinds, at any stage of your journey (current, future, lapsed, retired, questioning) are welcome! We welcome gardeners, seed keepers, shepherds, land stewards, landscapers, vintners, brewers, compost people, foragers, arborists, fermenters, herbalists, natural crafts makers, hydroponics people, aquaponics people, cooks, chefs, food system folks, lovers and eaters of food. If you are or are seeking to be in relationship with land and/or the abundance of the earth, we know there’s something for you here. Even if you’re just curious, you are welcome!


What if I can only come to one day of the conference? 

Your conference ticket grants you access to both conference days. So cool! Show up for what works for you. We are unable to offer a further discounted rate for those who can only come for one day, but we hope you will join for as much of the conference as you are able. Nearly all of the sessions will be recorded, and we intend to share them with all participants. Please do not share your access information with a friend for the day you cannot attend. Every person must register separately. 


What if I need financial support?

We believe in the education of our whole community, regardless of financial status. We embody that ethic by offering all our programming on a sliding scale. The true cost of this conference is $180/participant, which we are offering for as little as $36 – no questions asked. If $36 is beyond your capacity, WE STILL WANT YOU TO JOIN! Email JFN's conference coordinator Jamie at with the subject “All of Us” for more information about free and reduced tickets.


Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?

We do not offer refunds, and all sales are final. Even if you cannot attend, we still need to pay our teachers and staff fairly for their time and brilliance. If a refund is the difference between financial hardship and financial ease, send an email to JFN's conference coordinator Jamie at

Will sessions be recorded?

Nearly all of the sessions will be recorded, and we intend to share them with all participants. Even if you can’t attend all the sessions you want to live, you can still learn from them after!

Registration opens December 6th!